crowded restaurant

There are certain days that bring out large crowds to restaurants, particularly Valentine’s Day and other such holidays. During these peak times, whether they are due to holidays or the summer season, restaurant owners need to make sure that their kitchens, staff and all applicable devices are prepared to handle the increase in customers.

This is particularly true for restaurant grease traps, which take a beating on a daily basis, but are quite susceptible to clogging up when they are pushed too hard.

When it comes to grease trap maintenance, restaurants in Ohio are required to clean their grease traps at least four times a year (quarterly). This is because a grease trap malfunction can lead to dangerous working conditions and environmental hazards. They can even affect the city’s wastewater treatment process, which is why heavy fines are often imposed on establishment that do not obey Ohio law.

Preparing for Busy Times

If your restaurant has a busy schedule coming up, make sure that your grease traps and interceptors are prepared to handle the increased burden. To get ready, make sure that you:

  • Clean out your grease traps: nothing will prepare your kitchen for the busy season better than a fresh new grease trap system. If you are unsure as to whether or not your grease traps need to be cleaned, we wrote a short guide to help you.
  • Follow best practices: from properly training employees to understanding what can and cannot be disposed of down the drain, there is a smart list of grease trap best practices that you can follow in order to keep your restaurant’s kitchen up and running.
  • Know what to do in an emergency: what should you do if you experience a grease trap clog or other emergency while your restaurant is especially busy? You should always be prepared to act fast if such an incidence arises. Learn how to handle a grease trap clog here.

Service When You Need it

Don’t wait to get your grease traps cleaned. Contact AAA Wastewater today and we will send someone out to help. Our team is fast and our process is non-invasive. We will have your restaurant back up and running before you know it.