Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is a necessary process. It helps to keep cities clean and the people who live there safe. When wastewater exits your home or business, it has to go somewhere. Eventually, that place needs to be cleaned, or it can begin to contaminate the surrounding area.

Our team at Triple A Pro Services provides wastewater treatment to Dayton, Springfield, and the surrounding Ohio area.

Wastewater treatment takes special care and experience. But before we get into the process, let's clarify what wastewater treatment is.

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What Exactly is Wastewater Treatment?

Wastewater treatment is the process by which wastewater (water that is no longer considered usable in its current state) is taken, cleaned and transformed into water that can be reused in the current water cycle. If it cannot be reused, it will be properly disposed of.

Why is it Necessary?

Wastewater usually contains a multitude of impurities such as human waste, stormwater and other types of solid waste materials. Everything from the water that travels through your toilet to your shower is considered wastewater. If it is not properly treated, the wastewater can contaminate local water supplies, soil and other environments.

What About the Water in My Septic Tank?

The water in your septic tank is one example of wastewater, which is why your septic system needs to be properly pumped, cleaned and serviced on a consistent basis. Failure to do so can damage your septic tank, causing it to leak wastewater into the soil around your home. This is an environmental hazard to you and anyone living around you.

After pumping and cleaning your septic tank, our team at Triple A Pro Services will take the wastewater and perform the necessary treatment and disposal process.

What About The Wastewater from Commercial Buildings?

If you own a commercial building that has a septic tank, it will also need to be cleaned and pumped regularly. Additionally, if you own a restaurant or other establishment that serves food, you will have to have your grease traps cleaned and maintained. The law states that grease traps must be cleaned out at least every three months.

If you skip out on this process, you can face heavy fines from the local, state, or even federal government.

Allow us to help. We provide wastewater treatment to Ohio businesses in Dayton, Springfield, Beavercreek, Centerville, and beyond.

What is the Process?

There is a long and lengthy process that includes screening, treating and cleaning water to remove waste, impurities and odor. Wastewater is treated more than three times before it is considered for re-entry into the system.

When it comes to your wastewater, all you have to worry about is the first step: collection. We will send a team out to quickly remove your wastewater from your system and take care of the rest!

Does Triple A Pro Services Provide Service to Wastewater Treatment Facilities?

Yes, we do provide services to the wastewater treatment plants across Ohio. If you are interested in having us service your facility, or you need help with the wastewater treatment in your home or business in any way, give us a call today.

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