Grease Trap Repair

When your grease trap is running fine, you’ll forget it’s even there. This is how it should be. As soon as your grease trap starts under-performing, however, you can have a serious mess on your hands. A faulty or full grease trap can result in clogged pipes, backed up sinks, contamination of your waste water, and even fines from the government. 

Grease Trap Repair in Dayton and Beaver Creek The best way to ensure your grease trap stays in proper working order is to keep it on a regular cleaning schedule. That said, a grease trap can still break or back-up from time-to-time. When that happens, you need grease trap repair immediately. 

For grease trap repair in the Dayton-Beavercreek area, contact the professionals at Triple A Pro Services. We’ll make sure your grease trap needs are handled in a timely and professional manner. 

The Importance of Properly Functioning Grease Trap 

As you’re probably aware, grease is messy. It doesn’t neatly wash away or breakdown in water. Instead, it rises to the surface, floating on top. This is how grease traps are able to work. Your sink drains into the grease trap. The grease sits on top while a pipe drains the wastewater below. 

While this is an effective system, it doesn’t keep out 100% of the grease. Overtime, grease build up and slips through, which is why your grease trap needs to be cleaned and emptied out. A full grease trap loses its ability to properly separate fat, oil, and grease (FOG) from the water. 

It’s more than a good practice to keep your grease trap in proper working condition. It’s a legal requirement. If your grease trap isn’t doing its job, you’re contaminating wastewater supplies and compromising your establishments sanitation.  

This leads to fines, costlier repair fees, and even loss of business. 

In other words, keep your grease trap cleaned, make sure your grease trap is regularly inspected, and when necessary, have your grease trap repaired or replaced. 

Professional Grease Trap Repair Services in Dayton, Beavercreek, and Beyond 

If you’re in need of professional grease trap repair, cleaning, and maintenance in the Dayton-Beavercreek area, Triple A Pro Services is here to help. Stop grease trap problems before they start. Contact us today and setup an inspection. You, your customers, and your city will be glad you did.