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There are a variety of issues that homeowners can run into when it comes to their septic system, most of which can be resolved by a simple septic system cleaning. Occasionally, there are more major incidents that require extensive repair. The most major events require a full replacement of the septic tank.

Depending on the problem, you may need one or more of a variety of septic services. Below are a list of the most common septic system issues as well as the most common solutions.

Septic System Backups

Having a septic system backup and flood your lawn or home is not fun, but it can happen if regular maintenance on the system is not kept up with.

In order to prevent this from ever happening, septic tanks should be pumped regularly, depending on how many people live in your home (as well as a few other factors).

If you run into a situation where your septic system floods, it will need to be pumped, cleaned and some minor repairs may need to be made (if any pipes burst, etc.).

Septic Odors

Septic odors may seem common (considering the function of the system), but they are often a symptom that something is wrong with your septic system.

To prevent them, you can take several measures such as pouring some baking down the drain, or disposing of fats, oils and grease in the garbage. The best solution for the problem is to have your septic system pumped and thoroughly cleaned right away.

Wet Landscaping

Wet or soggy grass around the area of your septic tank is another sign that the system is at capacity or currently leaking. Do not hesitate to call a professional to come check on the tank and empty it, if necessary.

Plumbing Issues

If you notice that your toilets are flushing slowly, or if they constantly backup, there could be a problem with your leach field. This is a sign that you need septic system cleaning and repair.

How Often Should I Replace the System

Most septic tanks (depending on the materials they are made of) will last decades. If they are kept in good order, you can easily get 30 years out of a septic tank. Some will last as long as 50-60 years.

If you recently purchased a home with a septic system and do not know when it was installed, contact AAA Wastewater today. We will clean and pump your tank and let you know when it may be time to replace it.