Spring is in the air. If you’re in Ohio, you are starting to thaw off, and hints of green are coming back. It was a long Winter, and for moments we didn’t think we would ever see Spring, but it is officially here.

With the coming of Spring comes, of course, Spring Cleaning, but it might also be time do to a little spring septic system cleaning. Here are a few tell-tale signs if it is time to clean your septic system.

The Grass is Greener

This isn’t a spring joke, and it is a sign that your septic tank may be leaking in your lawn. If you have a patch of greener grass, it may mean that the leak in your septic tank is creating a form of fertilizer in your grass. This is not a good thing and could mean your septic tank is full.

It Doesn’t Smell like Spring

If your yard doesn’t smell like Spring and flowers but smells like sewage odors outdoors, a septic system cleaning is probably in your future. This probably means the buildup of the showers, laundry, sink, and toilet wastewater has left your septic system and going to other places.

It’s important to note that this can also apply to the inside of your home as well. If you’re experiencing backup in your toilets, it could be a septic tank issue. The backups normally start on the lowest drains, so it’s important to check the basement bathrooms first.

Friendship is in the Air

If it is time for a spring septic system cleaning in Dayton, give us a call at AAA Wastewater. We want to do everything we can to perform the scheduled maintenance on your septic system. Ignoring your septic system can lead to more expensive payouts in the future. We recommend handling it now so don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can walk through your needs.