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The Best Grease Traps for Restaurants

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According to regulations put forth by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), all kitchens in restaurants and commercial building must be equipped with functioning grease traps or interceptors. On top of these regulations, restaurant owners in many Ohio counties are required to have their grease traps cleaned and serviced at least every three months. If […]

Preparing Grease Traps for Restaurant Peak Season

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There are certain days that bring out large crowds to restaurants, particularly Valentine’s Day and other such holidays. During these peak times, whether they are due to holidays or the summer season, restaurant owners need to make sure that their kitchens, staff and all applicable devices are prepared to handle the increase in customers. This […]

How to Tell If Your Restaurant’s Grease Trap Needs Cleaning

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Grease traps are common in the commercial food industry, and although they are present in every kitchen – per Ohio law – they are often overlooked while cleaning. But grease trap cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy and efficient kitchen. There are also numerous safety and environmental aspects that must be taken into consideration. […]

Grease Trap Maintenance: Best Practices for Keeping Drains Clean

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One of the biggest cleaning issues in many commercial kitchens involves grease. In fact, more than half of the backups and blockages found in restaurants and other commercial buildings comes from “FOG” – Fats, oils, and grease. Keeping your grease traps clean can prevent a huge number of these issues and isn’t very expensive, but […]