lawIf you own an Ohio restaurant or any other type of commercial institution that has a kitchen, you know the pains of keeping your grease traps clean and in good working order.

While grease trap cleaning and maintenance is essential, did you also know that it is mandatory under Ohio law?

Grease Trap Cleaning, According to Ohio Law

Ohio law states that all restaurants must have grease traps installed for safety reasons, but this is not the only thing that is mandated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA also states that all restaurant owners must also have their grease traps cleaned at least once per quarter, or every three months.

Why Must This be Done?

When grease traps aren’t pumped, fats, oils and greases will harden and build up quickly, causing clogs that can damage the system. They will also cause water and waste to backup into your restaurant.

According to the EPA, grease is a pollutant that is subject to Ohio’s water pollution laws, and a business cannot discharge any into the “waters of the state” without first obtaining a permit from the EPA. If you do not have this permit, which requires that you have your traps cleaned regularly, you are in violation of Ohio law and are subject to penalties and other repercussions.

When grease gets into the city’s storm water, it can attract attention from city and state officials because it can cause an environmental hazard. It can even be traced back to your restaurant or establishment.

Don’t make the mistake of strapping your business with heavy fines, cleanup fees and more, just because you forgot to have your grease traps properly maintained!

Be Proactive and Get Your Grease Traps Cleaned

Grease trap cleaning is inexpensive, especially when compared to the fines associated with violating EPA regulations. It is also cheaper than repairing a broken system that hasn’t been properly and regularly pumped.

At AAA Wastewater, our process for grease trap cleaning involved a very non-invasive procedure. It can be done quickly by a professional, and you won’t have to close down your establishment for business. Our teams are quick and will be in and out before you know it.

When you work with us, we will not only clean your grease trap but inspect the system, as well. We will make sure that everything is working properly and in good condition. Also, if you sign up to have us come in every three months and clean your grease traps, we will give you a discount on each of our services!

Don’t wait, contact AAA Wastewater today to have your grease traps cleaned.

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