As you probably know, your septic system job is to provide wastewater treatment to your home or commercial property. Most septic tanks can last for years or decades depending on proper maintenance for your tank. Septic tanks should be pumped every few years to ensure proper use. However, there are times you can find out if your septic tank needs to repairing before you have to replace it. Here are a few signs your septic tank might need to be repaired.

Slow Draining

This is often the most noticeable sign that it may be time to repair your septic tank. Take a look at your showers, sink, and toilet; do you notice the water drainer longer than it usually does? Drastic changes in the speed of your drainage could be clogged plumbing vent or a fixture that is not vented. Left unattended, this could lead to septic tank replacement rather than repair in your future.

Greener Grass Where Your Septic Tank Is

Yes, this is often a sign that your septic tank might need to be repaired. When the grass near your septic tank is greener than the other grass in your yard, it might be because of a septic tank leak. Your septic tank can be leaking nutrients into your yard that is acting as fertilizer for that portion of grass. If you see grass that is seemingly greener than everywhere else, it’s time to get your septic tank checked as it might have a leak.

Uncommon Foul Odors

Have you had unusual odors inside and outside of your home that smell like sewage? It could be that something has gone wrong with your septic tank. It’s a sign that the plumbing system has been compromised. If it comes to the point of strange foul odors, it could be that the entire system is on the verge of failure. It’s essential that your system is checked by a professional.

Septic tank replacement isn’t your only option if you notice one of these signs. Septic System Repair in Springfield, Ohio might be the best preventative measure. Give us a call today to assess the situation. Our team of trusted professionals will be there every step of the way to get the situation resolved.