“How much is it going to cost me?”

That’s the question most people jump to when something breaks. Sometimes they ask it before anything breaks.

You want to be prepared for future problems if and when they arise. It’s an understandable precaution. Unfortunately, it can often be too difficult to determine. Take septic tank repairs, for example.

The cost of repairs varies drastically depending on what’s broken, where it’s located, and how bad things have gotten. A simple repair could cost in the very low hundreds. A costly repair could reach multiple thousands.

Because septic tanks are purposely designed to be hidden and out of the way, it takes some work just getting to them. This can add significantly to labor costs, depending on the problem

Common Repair Needs for Septic Tanks

While we can’t give you the exact costs of different septic tank repairs, here are some of the more common septic tank repair and maintenance needs we see on the field.

Broken Pipes

One of the most common issues people run into is broken pipes. These pipes are important as they are what connects your home’s drains to the tank, as well as the tank to the drain area. If the pipes are broken, you could be flooding your property with harmful waste.

Broken pipes can also lead to backed up sewage in your home.

The most common causes of pipe breakage are roots, digging, shifting ground, and general decay over time.

The chance of breaking pipes is increased when you put things in your drain that you shouldn’t. This includes coffee grounds, harsh chemicals, paper towels, feminine products, etc.

Clogged Tank/Drains/Pipes

Speaking of flushing harmful items down your drain, another common septic tank problem is blockage. If this isn’t dealt with quickly, it can put extra strain on your septic tank, resulting in further damage. If your drains seem to be working slow no matter what you do, or there’s a vague sewer odor in the air, it might be time to check for this issue.

Drain Field Replacement

The drain field is the area where your septic tank empties out. When a septic tank isn’t performing correctly, the drain field can become contaminated with solid waste material, preventing it from properly absorbing wastewater.

Instead, the wastewater (and other harmful particles) begin to rise to the surface, which can present a serious health hazard.

If your drain field has been compromised, it will need to be relocated. This can be a costly repair.

Reduce the Need for Repair

There’s good news. Septic tank repairs don’t have to be a common occurrence in your life. In fact, with the proper maintenance and cleaning of your septic tank, sudden, unexpected repairs should be virtually non-existent.

It’s important to remember that emergency repair will always costs more than proper maintenance. So make sure your septic tank is taken care of by a professional.

Whether you’re looking to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance, or you’re at the point where you need repairs, AAA Wastewater is here to help. We can handle virtually any septic tank need, from standard cleaning to full septic system repair.

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