barn covered in snow

It’ll come as no surprise to hear that we get a lot of phone calls from December to March asking:

“Can septic tanks be pumped during the winter?”

Your septic tank can be pumped all year round, and the temperature generally has little bearing on a professional’s ability to perform most septic services. So if you need septic tank pumping, whether it is August or the middle of February, you shouldn’t have to worry about being turned down by our team.

Weather Can Play a Factor

The only time that septic pumping may not be possible is if there is heavy snowfall or a blizzard that is currently moving through your area. After the snow stops coming down, our team will be able to get to your septic tank. So long as the roads are plowed and there is a clear path leading to your septic tank, we will have no problems performing most services.

If you need a complete replacement of your septic tank, you may also have to wait until the temperature rises. This is because the ground can freeze in extreme temperatures, making septic tank installation and repair a problem.

The Best Way to Avoid Any Complications

If you want to avoid the trouble of having your septic tank pumped or repaired during the winter, you should have any service completed before the snow and frigid temperatures hit your area.

The late fall is a great time to have your septic system serviced. This will allow your system to continue operating at full capacity all throughout the winter.

Don’t Wait, Schedule a Cleaning Today

There is still time to schedule a septic tank cleaning at your home or business before the winter weather really picks up. Our team is ready to hear from you. Just give us a call at (937) 878-5225 or email us to set up an appointment today.