timeFor homeowners who also have a septic system on their property, the question of how often they should have their septic tank pumped and cleaned is one that comes up as soon as they discover their sewage isn’t flowing into a city pipeline.

When it comes to septic tank pumping, timing is key. While there is no reason to have a septic system pumped every week, it can be dangerous to let the system go too long without any type of maintenance.

The Perfect Amount of Time

How often a septic system should be pumped is reliant upon the type of system that is installed and how it is used (not how frequently it is used). The frequency of use is usually not a factor in how often a septic system should be pumped. Unless a family has a huge amount of people living within a single dwelling, it won’t make any difference.

Instead, it really depends upon whether or not there is a garbage disposal that is connected to the system. If a homeowner doesn’t have a garbage disposal in their kitchen, he or she can have the system pumped about every three years.

If the homeowner does have a garbage disposal installed and frequently uses it, the tank should be pumped and cleaned out every year. This is because frequently using a garbage disposal injects a heavy amount of solid waste into the system that is hard to break down, therefore filling up in the tank and increasing the risk of clogs.

It is important to clean out the sludge that accumulates from solid waste before is clogs the system.

What if the System Continues to Function Properly?

Just because there isn’t anything going wrong with the septic system (at the moment) doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be pumped or serviced. The average septic tank only has enough space for about three years of waste, and there is no indicator that lets a person know that the tank is nearing its capacity.

Usually, the homeowners find out that their tank needs to be pumped when it is too late. In order to avoid costly and messy backups from occurring, frequent septic pumping is absolutely essential.

Count on the Right Company to Get the Job Done

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