No one wants septic tank problems. It’s a universal fact. They’re bad for you, for those around you, and for the environment itself. Yet, they still happen. And when they happen, it’s not because of random coincidence.

There’s a cause that sets things into motion.

Here are some common causes of septic tank problems so that you can do your best to avoid them.

Sludge Build-Up

Sludge is the solid waste that builds up in the bottom of your septic tank. In a properly maintained tank, sludge will rest at the bottom, and waste water will sit above it, draining from the tank through an outlet. However, if your tank goes too long without cleaning, the sludge will start to bleed into the waste water and make it’s way into the outlet.

This can cause pipes to backup, foul smells to permeate, contamination of local ground and water supply, and more.

To keep sludge out, you need regular septic tank cleaning and maintenance.


There are a lot of things you shouldn’t flush down your system, whether you have a septic tank or your connected to a city sewer system.

In fact, most things shouldn’t be flushed down your pipes. Septic tanks and the pipes connecting them are made to handle water (and similar liquids), human waste, and toilet paper. Foreign objects, food particles, grease, paper towels, etc. can cause your system to become clogged and backed up.

Root Damage

When it comes to trees, most people only care about what’s above ground.  But once you start digging underneath the soil, you’ll become very aware of the roots and how much space they take up. Though roots generally spread out wider than deeper, they can go as far down as 20 feet. Sometimes more.

Most people won’t have to deal with roots that deep, but it’s still important to be aware of where trees and plants are in relation to your septic system.  Otherwise, the roots will grow directly into your pipes, cracking and breaking them, leaving you with a whole mess of problems.

Preventative maintenance may not stop this from happening, but it can catch the problem as soon as it arises, saving you a lot of trouble in the future.

Septic Tank Breakdown

A septic tank system is a machine, and like all machines, things will occasionally break or malfunction. Parts will wear. Pieces will break. Mechanisms will fail. Just like they do in a car or a computer or any other device that you rely on.

No septic tank system is perfect.

But just like with any other device, proper maintenance and inspections will keep you operational. It will highlight problems before they happen. And it will keep any septic mess to a minimum.

In case you’re not seeing the repeating pattern here….

Septic Maintenance Helps Avoid Problems

If you don’t want backed up sewage, lawn pollution, and foul smells filling the air, you need to make sure your septic tank is getting the proper maintenance and cleaning that it needs. We can help with that.

For septic tank cleaning in Dayton and the surrounding area, contact AAA Wastewater today. We’ll solve problems before they start.