Have you heard of an effluent filter for your septic system? Not all septic systems have them, but they are a great addition to your tank that can help prevent having to schedule frequent septic system repair.

What is an Effluent Septic Filter?

Effluent septic filters, also known as gray water filters, are small devices that attach to the outlet pipe of your septic system, preventing solids from leaving the system. When well maintained, they can extend the life of your septic system, tank and drain field.

Some septic system owners choose to forgo using these filters because they don’t want the hassle of cleaning out another component when the time comes to maintain the system. But cleaning an effluent filter is not a big chore, and any septic system company can do the job for you quickly and for little money.

How to Maintain the Filter

If you choose to do it on your own, all you have to do is detach the filter from the tee baffle, which it already attached to the outlet pipe of the system. The filter can simply be hosed down and then attached back to the system.

IMPORTANT: make sure to only clean your filter after you have had your septic tank pumped. Doing it while there is still wastewater in the system can result in unfiltered water flowing out into your drain field. Also, remember to shut off the water to your home to avoid water running into the tank while you are cleaning the filter.

If you want or require a septic system professional to clean the filter for you, just let the worker know that you have a filter before your septic tank pumping begins. Every member of our team here at AAA Wastewater can help you with your septic system cleaning and maintenance and will be glad to clean your filter after your tank has been pumped.

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