You’ve likely seen products that claim they can help keep your septic tank from backing up and prevent all sorts of different issues by causing organic waste to break down more quickly than it would otherwise. However, a number of different studies have been conducted that put these various products to the test, and the end result is the same: they don’t really help at all, In fact, some of them actually damage your septic tank.

The Myth

These products claim that they contain a number of different enzymes and bacteria that will break down waste. The problem, some even state, is that many cleaning products you use daily are destroying the natural bacteria found in your septic tank, so you need to use an additive to replace them. This isn’t necessarily the case, and even though some additives might actually help in the short term, they can also result in your need for septic system repair services.

What the Experts Say

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has actually stated that using additives that contain enzymes, yeasts, bacteria and other things should be avoided because they can destroy the natural treatment that occurs in your septic system. According to a study done by Washington State University, the bacteria found in septic tanks are in no danger from household cleaners or anything else. In fact, the study found much more natural bacteria in tanks than artificial bacteria, even when homeowners had been using additives for years.

You Still Need Maintenance

People who do buy into using additives often assume that these products take the place of regular septic tank maintenance, but that’s not true in any way. You’ll still need to have your tank pumped if there’s a backup.

These additives simply can’t destroy the sludge and other gunk that is causing the clog. Then there’s the fact that the septic tank is designed to trap solids and hold them while the water flows through. At some point, this solid waste will fill up your tank. There’s no way to get this waste out of there except by having your septic tank pumped.

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