toiletIf you have a septic system, there are a number of different things you do not want to put down the drain. Any of these items can clog the system or lead to other issues, resulting in a backup or leaks that can create hazardous areas or cause raw sewage to back up into your home or business.

While regular septic maintenance can help remove some of these items before they can damage your system, others will cause issues the moment they are flushed down the drain.

Even if they don’t do damage right away, you should still avoid putting these items into your septic system.


If you pour grease into your septic system, it will quickly clog everything up. This is because even under hot water, some grease won’t break down. The end result is a solid mass that clogs up your entire system, leaving pipes backed up. Instead, pour grease into a jar or can where it can solidify before being thrown away. Also, make sure wipe out pans to remove any grease before washing them.

Hazardous Chemicals

Chemicals like motor oil, bleach, and any poisons for rats or other pests should never go into your septic system. They can destroy the good bacteria that break down all the waste in the septic tank. This can also lead to soil contamination.

Cat Litter

While some types of cat litter is made to be flushed down the toilet, many are not. Those that are not safe to be flushed may absorb water as they enter your system, causing them to expand and block up pipes. Many experts even recommend not flushing litter that says it’s flushable due to the fact that it can still clog septic systems.

Paper Towels

They may look similar to toilet paper, but paper towels are more absorbent and can easily clog your system.


As with hazardous materials, paint (especially those that are oil-based) can lead to issues with the leach field and create a hazardous environment.

Flushable Wipes

Like paper towels, flushable wipes can quickly create blockages because they don’t disintegrate as quickly as toilet paper.

Take Care of Your System

Septic systems need to maintained and examined frequently to avoid costly repairs. At AAA Wastewater, we have a friendly team that is always willing to service your system and provide advice on how to best care for it.

Contact us today to have your system pumped, cleaned and repaired.