When it comes to the environment, the septic and sewer industry gets a bad rep. People think of toxic waste poisoning rivers, lands, and local water supplies. While this has of course happened in the past, it generally has stemmed from people ignoring proper practices, not following cleaning and maintenance schedules, and ignoring important regulations such as the Clean Water Act.

The truth is, septic systems exists to prevent the poisoning of the environment with wastewater. While local sewer systems and water infrastructure sometimes fall short of proper standards, septic tanks themselves are actually built to be very environmentally safe by design.

They naturally treat wastewater, separating particles and breaking down waste with bacteria present in them. The treated water is placed back into the environment while the filtered waste is stored safely.

Their engineering makes septic tanks more efficient than regular sewer systems, requiring little infrastructure, while doing a better job of separating waste.

That said, there are some simple things you can do to keep them running as green as possible.

Control Your Water Use

The more water you run through your septic system, the more stress you put on it, and therefore, the more likely something could break. Additionally, water waste affects your areas ecosystem and can strain local water supplies.

Simply put, try to be conservative with your water use.

Don’t Put Bad things in Your Septic Tank

Be careful what you put down your drains. Harsh chemicals (and even medication) can kill the bacteria in your tank, preventing it from properly breaking down waste. This can lead to the wastewater drained out of the system contaminating the environment around it.

Keep Your Tank Cleaned and Maintained

Septic tanks can run for a very long time, but that’s only if they’re properly taken care of. Even a properly cared for septic system needs inspection, cleaning, and occasional repair. Keep your system on a regular schedule.

A septic tank should be inspected every 3-5 years.

And if you suspect it isn’t performing correctly, contact a professional right away to take a look. The last thing you want is septic tank problems. For all of your wastewater cleaning needs in the Centerville, Ohio area, contact us today.